Finance & Appraisal Officers (2x)

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26 May 2019


Finance & Appraisal Officers (2 posts) 42944 CEPE

Location: County Hall, Norwich

Salary: £32,029 - £33,799 per annum

Hours: 37 hours per week

Permanent contracts

Vacancies for 2 x Finance & Appraisal officers (Secondment Considered)

Would you be interested in a finance job which deals with international co-operation projects?

The Interreg France (Channel) England programme is recruiting two Finance & Appraisal Officers.

Our new recruits will join a growing team which funds exciting collaborative projects between French and English communities in the Channel area.

These are aimed at bringing about improvements in innovation, social innovation, low carbon technologies, heritage and water ecosystems.

We welcome people with experience in finance whose role will be to appraise applications, monitor budgets and report on all financial aspects of projects.

For more information about the Interreg programme visit

For an informal discussion regarding this vacancy, please contact Sara Brown, Deputy Programme Manager (Finance and Appraisal) via email

We welcome applications from individuals currently working in other organisations, however priority consideration for this post may be given to current employees who are affected by restructure within the organisation.

Workplace feedback states County Hall is a modern, business-like, bright and smart environment to work in.

For further details and how to apply:


Please quote job reference: 42944 CEPE

Closing date: 26 May 2019

Interviews will be held on 6 June 2019

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