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24 Aug 2018
EFA is seeking to hire a full time financial and administration officer position for its office in Brussels. The person will be responsible for all financial and administrative aspects of the organisation, for the implementation of strategies to make our accounting, financing and administration more efficient, as well as for assisting EFA staff with the everyday issues.
This is a full-time position for five (5) working days (38 hours) per week.
The contract offered is for a determined time of one year, starting from 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019 (with the possibility to renew it for a determined or undetermined period).
The employee will be paid a gross salary of 3048,53 € a month. Additionally, the employee will also receive meal tickets of 8€ per day worked.
This call is open to candidates with relevant skills in finances, accounting and administration.
A recommendation letter from an EFA member party will be an asset.
MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                                       
  • Preparing the yearly budget of the organisation and budgets for events,
  • Managing and booking outgoing and incoming invoices,
  • Processing invoices in an online accountancy program, 
  • Supervising the flow and processing of own resources, thus, communicating with EFA members on the payment of the annual contributions, participation fees, donations, etc.,
  • Fund-raising,
  • Closing of the financial year and preparing the closure dossier for the European Parliament.
  • Preparing the internal and external audits,
  • Keeping track of VAT regulation, application and payments,
  • Managing cash payments and cash register,
  • Attending the meetings organised by the European Parliament’s DG of Finance and the Authority for European Political Parties and following up and implementing the decisions taken,
  • Communicating on the financial management of Coppieters Foundation and EFAY.
  • Paying invoices, reimbursements, booking hotels, flights, meeting rooms, etc.,
  • Handling salary administration, meal ticket administration, holiday administration, contacts with the Social Bureau,
  • Making fiscal declarations, prepare documents for the Official Journal of Belgium (Moniteur belge),
  • Help organising and managing the financial aspects (expenditure and income) of projects, campaigns, events and activities at a regional, national, state and/or European level,
  • Assisting in the organisation of the EFA General Assembly and bureau meetings;
  • Helping in the day-to-day management of the EFA office (writing reports, participation in meetings, contact with EFA members, e-mails, etc.),
  • Communicating with service providers, asking price offers, placing orders, follow up of orders,
  • Other administrative tasks.
  • Qualifications of the candidates and other selection criteria                                           
  • Degree on finances and/or administration.
  • Excellent knowledge on online accountancy (EFA works with “Exact online”), excel and other programs,
  • Acquaintance with VAT regulations,
  • Acquaintance with the European Parliament’s financial rules applied to Political Parties at European Level,
  • booking outgoing and incoming invoices,
  • processing and controlling booked accounts in an online accountancy program, 
  • closing of financial years and preparation of the –internal and external- audits,
  • Excellent organisational and management skills,
  • Good communication skills in French (preferential) and English. Other European languages will be an asset,
  • Enterprising, with self-initiative and able to work independently,
  • Interest in EU issues and willing to work in an international atmosphere. Familiarity with EFA members and EFA core issues (stateless nations, linguistic rights, regions, nations, minorities, decentralization, sub-state entities, peace and conflict resolution, collective rights, democracy, self-determination right, independence, etc.) is an asset.
  • A recommendation letter from an EFA member party will be considered an asset.
Candidates must be eligible to work and live in Belgium. Non-EU candidates are encouraged to apply and to verify the non-existence of obstacles for their employment, entrance and establishment in Belgium.
ABOUT EFA       
The European Free Alliance (EFA) is composed of forty-seven member parties spread over 18 Member States of the EU and 2 associated members outside the EU and works in close collaboration with its youth branch, EFAy and with the Coppieters Foundation, its political foundation; as well as with the EFA group in the European Parliament (EP) and the European Alliance (EA) Group in the Committee of the Regions (CoR).
The core value of EFA (as well as of EFAy and Coppieters Foundation) is the right to self-determination of peoples and nations. EFA, EFAy and Coppieters Foundation share offices at Boomkwekerijstraat 1, 1000 Brussels and work in a synergetic way for the defence and promotion of the right to self-determination in Europe and the world.   
Interested applicants can apply now by sending a motivation letter and a CV in ENGLISH to the EFA Secretariat.
Applications can be sent by email (with “read receipt” option or requesting a reply) to and/or by certified post to:
Günther Dauwen
European Free Alliance (EFA) EUPP   
Boomkwekerijstraat 1/4
1000 - Brussels. Belgium
(REF: Finances and administration officer position)
Deadline for reception of candidacies: 24 August 2018, 11.30 am.
The procedure for the election of the candidate will be as follows:
  1. 3 September: a short list of maximum 5 candidates will be done. Short listed candidates will be informed and invited for an interview.
  2. 13 September: interviews to short listed candidates will be held in the EFA office in Brussels (travel costs will be reimbursed).
  3. 14 September: a decision on the person granted will be taken. The staff will immediately communicate the decision to the selected candidate. Unsuccessful candidates will also be informed.
  4. The new Finances and administration officer will start working on 1st November 2018.
EFA employs its staff as an equal opportunity employer.
With financial support of the European Parliament.

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