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20 Sep 2019

Fair Trials is seeking an external evaluator to review the impact of the Legal Experts Advisory Panel Network (“LEAP”) from 2014 to 2019 to help inform the future direction of LEAP.


Fair Trials is a human rights organisation that works to improve respect for the right to a fair trial in criminal cases. We are a global criminal justice watchdog that conducts research and advocacy on human rights issues in criminal justice systems, and we conduct thematic campaigns on emerging threats to the right to a fair trial.

LEAP is coordinated by Fair Trials and is the European network of experts in criminal justice and human rights which works to promote fair trial rights in Europe. LEAP currently has around 200 organisational members, with representatives from law firms, CSOs, and academic institutions, covering all 28 EU Member States. LEAP offers an expert view on a broad range of EU criminal justice topics and boosts cooperation between fair trial defenders in Europe.

Fair Trials is committed to the long-term success of LEAP as a crucial civil society movement to promote fair trial rights in Europe. We want to ensure that LEAP is as effective as possible in addressing the considerable threats to human rights and the rule of law across in the EU and in making the most of the opportunities presented by new regional standards which LEAP helped to inform.


An external consultant is sought to assess the extent to which LEAP is meeting its overall objectives (further information below) and, in particular, the extent to which LEAP has contributed towards achievement of its recommendations for the period 2014-2019, set out in its reports, Stockholm Sunset and Towards an EU Defence Rights Movement.

The aim of the evaluation is to inform LEAP strategy in the period to 2024 (i.e. the term of the new European Parliament and Commission) by better understanding where LEAP has been most and least effective over the past five years. In particular, as the Coordinator of LEAP, Fair Trials is eager to understand how we can best support and make the most of LEAP’s amazing membership.

The evaluator will be expected to draw their conclusions based on:

  • Document review: Selected published LEAP materials from over the period 2014-2019 will be provide, along with working documents, project newsletters, etc;
  • Survey: a questionnaire should be developed and disseminated to LEAP members;
  • Interviews with key stakeholders: Interviews should be held with a select number of LEAP members, relevant Fair Trials staff, and EU stakeholders;
  • Participation and Observation at the LEAP Annual Conference: The event will take place in early March 2020 and involve 2 days of meetings and discussions on key issues of EU Criminal Justice.

The evaluator will be expected to meet with Fair Trials staff members to discuss the emerging findings, to produce a short written report (up to 20 pages) and to provide comments on a draft strategy document for LEAP in the 2019-2024 period.

These activities must be completed within by 31st March 2020

Interested consultants are invited to submit an application, in English, to marianna.tuokkola@fairtrials.net by no later than 17.00 CET on Sunday 22 September 2019.

The application should include details of the consultant’s relevant experience (e.g. C.V.’s and details of relevant projects carried out), a proposal and timeline for how the consultant intends to carry out the research, and a proposed budget to carry out the research within the specified timeframe.

Selection will be based on the application that represents the best value for money, with a decision anticipated to be taken as soon as possible after the closing date.

Purpose of LEAP

The overall purpose of LEAP is to improve respect for internationally-recognised fair trial standards in criminal cases across Europe. In particular, it aims to achieve this by:

  • Supporting networking and exchange of information between criminal justice experts across Europe to encourage cooperation, build understanding of different justice systems and exchange good practice;
  • Sharing information on developments with international fair trial standards (including the new EU defence rights Directives) and engaging experts in the effective application of those laws;
  • Informing the development of criminal justice and human rights policies within Europe; and
  • Informing and supporting the work of LEAP Members and Fair Trials in using international human rights standards to improve respect for fair trial rights through advocacy, litigation, public campaigns and research.

Fair Trials work in Europe is undertaken by Fair Trials Europe, a registered public foundation in Belgium (No 0552.688.677)

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