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29 Feb 2020

The Schwarzkopf Foundation, based in Berlin, is looking for a new Executive Director of the European Youth Parliament.

The European Youth Parliament is a pan-European peer-to-peer educational youth-led network that empowers young people from across Europe to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens. It provides young people with a holistic ecosystem for non-formal learning and personal development. EYP participants and volunteers get equipped with the knowledge and the skills needed to positively shape the world around them, and with the attitudes needed to build intercultural understanding and friendships across borders. As a network of independent associations, the EYP is present in 40 European countries and organises more than 500 events every year, involving a total of around 30,000 participants. Thousands of young people are actively involved as volunteers all over Europe, making the EYP a genuinely youth-driven programme –  run by young people, for young people.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe supports the development of young people into politically aware and responsible citizens by focusing on the strengthening of the European idea and pan-European understanding. Our activities create spaces for dialogue between young people of 16 to 28 years of age and leading figures from the world of politics, economics and culture. We provide young people with information about the decision-making process in Europe and make this process visible and tangible and thus beneficial to the education of young people.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation acts as the international umbrella organisation for the European Youth Parliament (EYP) programme. The EYP is the biggest programme line at the Schwarzkopf Foundation, with a current team size of 5 employees and three long-term volunteers. The work of the EYP team is led by the Executive Director, who simultaneously acts as the EYP programme lead inside Schwarzkopf Foundation.

The main responsibilities of the position include:

  • Team management and leadership
    • Leading the EYP team and overseeing tasks and responsibilities; 
    • Managing and ensuring the quality of the output of the EYP team;
    • Providing support and coaching to the EYP team;
    • Overseeing the continuation and development of the EYP programme and network;
  • Fundraising, partnership management and external representation
    • Fundraising for EYP activities and for the annual EYP budget;
    • Overseeing the annual EYP budget, including planning, controlling, and accounting;  as well as financial reporting to the EYP’s International Board and other bodies;
    • Ensuring the visibility of the European Youth Parliament and representing the network externally;
    • Grant applications and grant reporting;
    • Managing existing partnerships and developing new partnership proposals;  
  • EYP Governance
    • Board management: working with and being the daily contact for the Governing Body (international board) and the Board of National Committees
    • Conducting activities in accordance with EYP’s policies and guidelines;
    • Contributing to the Development of the new long-term strategy of the EYP and implementing it
  • Capacity building and project management
    • Planning and overseeing the implementation of training events and capacity building events for the network;  
    • Overseeing the development of internal support mechanisms and knowledge sharing opportunities

In turn, we require the following skills and competences from you: 

  • Relevant working experience of four years, preferably in the NGO sector; with a strong international background;
  • Excellent English skills (spoken and written); German skills are considered an asset but not mandatory;
  • University degree (M.A. or equivalent);  
  • Previous experience with leading and managing international teams; ability to provide pro-active leadership in implementing EYP’s strategic aims;
  • Experience in working with volunteers and in volunteer organisations and/or with non-formal civic education of youth; 
  • Proven capacity to secure external funding for NGO activities and establish partnerships with external stakeholders; ability to represent the EYP at an international level;
  • Strong motivation to contribute to the long-term strategic development of our organisation.

What we offer 

You will be working in a young, international and dynamic team in the centre of Berlin. You will actively participate in the work and development of the European Youth Parliament and our activities, and will be able to bring your ideas and skills to an evolving organisation. The envisaged date of entry is May 2020.

Interested? - Apply until 29 February 2020!

Please submit your application in English online, through: https://eyp-applications.survey.fm/eyp-2020

In the online application form, please attach your cover letter, CV, any references you want to share, your desired salary as well as your soonest availability. For questions, please contact Anne Rolvering, Director of the Schwarzkopf Foundation, through info@schwarzkopf-stiftung.de

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