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08 Dec 2021
GLOBSEC Policy Institute is looking for an Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator to become a part of a global think tank supporting the Director of the institute in running our three programs and two centers.

Executive support

  • Assisting the Director with day-to-day tasks, including agenda planning, administrative support, communication, scheduling, preparation of documentation, and talking points.
  • Monitoring the delivery of outcomes of programs & centers
  • Providing analytical support on the topics related to the Institute activities
  • Supporting day to day management as assigned, including preparing background materials, internal notes
  • Assists project managers with project implementation

Management support

  • Assistance in coordination of projects, initiatives, and relevant activities
  • Assistance in coordination of the work of three programs and two centers and communication across the Institute
  • Preparation of conference agendas, invitations, list of invitees, stakeholder mapping, media monitoring, preparing summaries and readouts
  • Communication with partners
  • Organisation of events (roundtables, discussions, research visits, conferences), in cooperation with other departments
  • Ensuring smooth coordination and communication of GLOBSEC Policy Institute with other departments

Fundraising support

  • Identification of fundraising opportunities and coordination with the Corporate Partnership Department
  • Assistance in development of funding proposals and partnerships with key institutional and corporate partners, including the creation of budget proposals in cooperation with the Finance Office

Research activities & Representation

  • Provide analytical support in the areas of Institute’s research and participate in discussions on relevant developments in international relations
  • Active contribution to the content of social media

Employee perks, benefits

A competitive salary commensurate to years of experience, level of education, and other relevant characteristics. This is an opportunity to make a difference through shaping policy as a part of an international, young, vibrant team. The perks include interactions with high-level decision-makers and participation in leading international events and conferences.
To apply, send and email to: hr@globsec.org
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