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08 Dec 2021
The principal duties and responsibilities of the EU Support Officer will be in both the Irish Regions European Office (IREO) and Committee of Regions (CoR) functions:
  • Providing supports for local government particularly in the area of EU funding and policy developments
  • Regularly communicate and deliver information to stakeholders in the local and regional government sector
  • Manage and update the IREO website and social media on a regular basi
  • Assist with the Programme of Work (PoW) for the IREO and Irish CoR delegation
  • Assist with providing briefings and support to the National Delegation to the Committee of the Regions (CoR)
  • Analysis of policy and preparing reports and submissions including recommendations, to the Head of Irish Regions European Office/Co-ordinator of Irish Committee of Regions
  • Organise visits and prepare briefings for the local government sector to Brussels to meet with EU officials
  • Provide administration support to the Head of Irish European Regions Office/Co-ordinator of Irish Committee of Regions
  • Ensure the efficient day-to-day administration processes of the Brussels office are achieved
  • Any other duties as the Director/ Head of Irish Regions European Office may decide from time-to-time.
Application forms are available for download on Only completed applications received by email and on the official application form will be accepted. Emails should be addressed to only and must be received no later than 5pm Wednesday December 8th. Application forms received after the closing date and time will not be accepted.
Selection will be by means of a competition based on a competency-based interview conducted by the Assembly. The Assembly reserves its right to shortlist candidates in the manner it deems most appropriate which may include shortlisting on the basis of essential requirements and desirable experience. Shortlisting will be on the basis of information supplied on the application form.
A panel may be formed on the basis of such interviews. Candidates whose names are on a panel and who satisfy the Assembly that they possess the qualifications declared for the post and that they are otherwise suitable for appointment may, within the life of the panel, be appointed as appropriate vacancies arise. Interviews will be held online. Applicants should hold themselves in readiness for interview provisionally in early January 2022.


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