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19 Jul 2019

Europtimum Conseil

Europtimum Conseil, a Strasbourg and Brussels based EU Public Affairs consultancy, is looking for a full-time V.I.E. in Brussels, starting as soon as possible. The V.I.E., “Volontariat International en Entreprise”, is a French international corporate placement programme for young professionals between the age of 18 and 28 who are European Union nationals. Becoming a V.I.E. means carrying out a remunerated professional assignment for 6 to 24 months whilst benefiting from protective public law coverage.

The future EU Public Affairs consultant will carry out the following tasks: policy and media monitoring and analysis, attending meetings and events organized by EU institutions, drafting policy notes and analyses, organizing and attending meetings with and for clients of the consultancy, participating in the development of strategic client advice and communication / social media strategies and action plans.

The scope of issues to be dealt with covers defense, maritime affairs, agriculture, energy with a focus on renewables, industry, competition and R&D policies, EU funding opportunities, international trade and EU foreign affairs.


  • Master's-level degree related to EU affairs
  • Excellent understanding of EU decision making process
  • Strong writing and analytical skills; attention to detail and highly organised
  • Excellent written and spoken English and French; other EU languages are an asset
  • Strong organisational skills; experience in organising events is a plus
  • Command of the standard Microsoft Office computer environment including Powerpoint and Excel
  • Quick learner, independent, solution maker and capable to work under time constraints
  • A former experience in the EU institutions is an asset

Practical arrangements :

  • The position is based in Brussels


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