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Expiration Date

01 Mar 2018

Purpose of job:

To contribute to the work in Cultural Skills and Creative Economy in the EU region by supporting the delivery of EU-funded projects (such as Live Skills (Erasmus+) and more widely helping with coordination, communication and administrative tasks of the arts portfolio in the EU.

Context and environment:

The British Council works to create international opportunities for trust between the people of the UK and other countries worldwide. Our arts portfolio in EU lives and breathes the aspiration to inspire, innovate and transform – to offer young people, artists, participants and audiences in the UK and across the EU life-changing and life-enhancing experiences, helping to provide opportunities and constructive approaches to some of the big challenges across countries in the region such as youth unemployment, skills gaps, access to the labour market and talent retention. The arts and creative industries are central to how we achieve this and our global and regional network places us in a unique position to achieve significant impact and change by finding new ways of connecting and seeing each other through the arts.

Creative Economy and Cultural skills represent two of our four Arts strands in the EU region, with an objective to:

  • Enhance the ecosystem that supports the development and growth of the creative and cultural sector through transnational exchange of experience and knowledge, and focusing on creative entrepreneurship, digital innovation and sustainable fashion & design for Creative Economy;
  • Create a stronger, more prosperous cultural sector with high quality technical, transversal and English language cultural skills provision, benefiting institutions and enriching the lives of individuals, thereby increasing the UK's reputation for excellence and building trust between people and institutions worldwide for Cultural Skills.

The 3 year Erasmus+ project Live Skills – which started in December 2016 - tackles skills shortages and gaps, responding to the demand for new skills within two subsectors of the wider Creative and Cultural Sector: the Audio Visual and Live Performance sectors. Live Skills has been awarded over €1M grant by the European Commission to help enhance employability and mobility for cultural professionals and students by designing and piloting three new innovative VET curricula in Arts Management, Digital and New Technologies and Cultural Entrepreneurship for two professions in the AV & LP sectors, but, also adaptable to a broader range of professions and other subsectors of the wider Creative and Cultural Sector. The project will bring together Role Profile 2 of 3 the industry and all relevant stakeholders to work closely and develop new curricula which include work based learning opportunities, are demand led and responsive to labour market needs. British Council is leading a consortium of nine full partners across four countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and the UK) and two European-wide associated partners.

Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:

Accountable to Head of Cultural Skills EU region and Director of Live Skills Project

Responsibilities and Main Duties

  • To support the Live Skills Project Manager and Project Director in general coordination of the project by communicating and co-ordinating with the consortium partners when required; by assisting with the logistical organisation and delivery of project events and consortium meetings; and offering some administrative support to the daily management of the project; supporting also with the communication and dissemination of the project through creating and uploading content on the project website and via tis social media channels.
  • Duties will include: logistical support for meetings and events, research, preparation of documents, web content and editing, internal/external communications, liaising with partners and other ad hoc support tasks.

Other important features or requirements of the job

  • The successful applicant will have a good knowledge of the work and structure of the European Institutions, will have some knowledge of contributing to the management of projects or events, be familiar with key social media platforms, and will show flexibility and an ability to cover a wide range of tasks.
  • Applicants must have a pre-existing right to work in EU.
  • Salary: 780 Euros net per month.


Application Deadline: 23:59 GMT, 7 March 2018

Interviews: 13 - 16 March, 2018

Start Date: 3 April, 2018

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