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23 Apr 2019


The Association of Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union (OCTA) was constituted in March 2003 by the governments of the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and registered in Belgium as a not-for-profit association (ASBL). Out of 25 OCTs, all the permanently inhabited territories (21) are currently members of OCTA as well as the French Southern Antarctic Lands - TAAF. OCTA serves as a platform through which the OCTs realize their common goals by working collectively through cooperation, policy dialogue, promotion of common positions and partnerships for the sustainable development of OCTs.

In 2015, OCTA initiated the setting-up of a permanent secretariat in Brussels and has since recruited four full-time Officers: Coordinator, Administrative and Finance, EU Programmes, and Energy & Environment.

EU Programmes

Besides European Development Fund (EDF) funding, the OCTs are also eligible for participation in and funding from EU programmes reflecting their status as part of the European family. However there has been limited success in bidding for EU funds other than the EDF. In 2014, a study was produced to ‘identify calls and actions to which OCTs are eligible’. In 2015, OCTA produced a mapping of ‘potential networks in Higher Education and Research Landscape in the OCTs’. In 2018, OCTA produced a comprehensive report on OCT participation in EU horizontal programmes since 2014.

Job description

In line with the 2015-2020 OCTA strategy, the EU programmes Officer will primarily contribute to raise awareness of OCTs at EU level (expertise and capacities, etc.) and enhance their access to EU programmes by providing centralised assistance and ensuring that OCTs would not invest in duplicated or fruitless research by lack of information.

With the support of the OCTs local contact points and strengthened links with National Contact Points, he/she will coordinate networks, promote OCTs as potential partners and project initiatives, and facilitate the identification and contacts with third partners, especially from the EU. He/she will also promote better knowledge of OCTs by EU institutions so that OCTs’ interests are taken into account in the elaboration of EU programmes.

Thus, OCTA will extend its role, through technical assistance provided to the OCTs, to the elaboration of projects and their submission. The association will then monitor the results of the project, to disseminate success stories among OCTs and external partners. Special attention will be paid to research and innovation, SME competitiveness, training and youth mobility, and the environment, training and SME’s programmes (Horizon 2020, COSME, Erasmus+, LIFE and BEST 2.0).

Being part of a small team, the EU Programmes Officer will also support the other members of the Secretariat for activities such as organization of conferences. He/she will report directly to the Coordinator on a day to day basis.

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