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06 Nov 2019

About Hanbury Strategy

We are passionate about politics. We provide political analysis, use data to understand public opinion, follow regulatory developments and build thought leadership.

In just three years, Hanbury has grown to over 35 people across Europe with offices in London, Brussels and Berlin. We are looking for the next generation of talent to help drive our team and growth forward.

The Opportunity

We are looking for three EU Analysts who enjoy following European politics and regulations. While EU Analysts focus on a range of topics, two of the positions include a focus on Health and one on Financial Services. More specifically we are looking for:

  • Two full-time Health-focused EU Analyst positions based in London until December 2019 and Brussels from January 2020 onwards (location/timing can be flexible)
  • A full-time Financial Services-focused EU Analyst position based in London (though would include travel to Brussels)

What’s on offer:

  • You will have the opportunity to work directly on client projects
  • Learn from the most senior and experienced people in the business
  • Work in partnership with a line manager responsible for your development
  • Get fully involved in our culture, which includes regular away days, fortnightly lunches and Friday drinks

The Skills Required 

  • A passion for politics
  • Analytical thinking
  • Strong writing ability
  • Adept at working in a fast-paced environment
  • Command of at least two EU languages
  • A good understanding of the European Union, and the impact its power structure and policies have on Member States and businesses

How to apply:

  • Send an email to by 6th November. 
  • In the subject of the email please include ‘2019 EU Analyst Position’
  • In the body of the email please provide responses to the six questions below. Please ensure each answer is no longer than 200 words.
  1. Would you prefer the Health focused EU Analyst position (based in Brussels) or the Financial Services focused EU Analyst position (based in London)? Why?

  2. What is the biggest political challenge facing the EU right now? What is one way to address it?

  3. How do you think the new Commission will change Health/Financial Services (according to your answer in question one) regulation in the next five years?

  4. Tell us about a time you have gone above and beyond, and what was required of you?

  5. What languages do you speak, and at what level ? (this can be a list, does not have to

    be written out)

Please do not include a cover letter in your application.


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