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06 Feb 2020

Job Description

EntityAuthority: The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)

Division: Communications

Reporting to:  Member of the Commission

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Salary: Maximum: €107,399/ Minimum: €87,325              

Employment details: Full time/ Permanent, subject to 12 month probation. 

Role Summary: The CCPC is seeking to recruit a Director of Communications. This is an opportunity for a high calibre, Senior Manager with relevant experience, to bring a strong leadership and management approach to a large multi-discipline division with a broad remit to pursue its own communications activities and support those of other divisions and the Commission in a dynamic and fast-paced organisation.

The Communications Division is responsible for the following areas:

  • management of the outsourced consumer helpline (+40,000 contacts p/a)
  • continuous development of corporate, consumer and financial product comparison websites (+1.8 million visits p/a)
  • corporate communications (media, PR)
  • leading on interaction with certain stakeholders and co-ordinating engagement with others
  • increasing social media engagement with consumers, businesses and other stakeholders
  • developing public information campaigns (consumer rights, personal finance and businesses compliance)
  • developing and delivering personal finance education initiatives (such as the Money Skills for Life programme)
  • internal communications

The Division has two Deputy Directors structured into the following four Units:

  • Consumer Communications (managed by a Head of Unit at Assistant Principal)
  • Contact Management & Analysis (managed by a Head of Unit at Assistant Principal )
  • Corporate & Stakeholder Communications (managed by a Head of Unit at Assistant Principal)
  • Financial Education (managed by a Deputy Director at Assistant Principal Higher)

The Director of Communications will lead a team with a diverse range of expertise and skills.  The Division has a combined team of 23.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Lead the development of the CCPC’s profile and reputation amongst identified stakeholders.
  2. Provide and facilitate specialist communications advice on relevant matters to the Chairperson, Members and other divisions.
  3. Represent the CCPC, act as a spokesperson, including in the media, present at conferences, and represent the CCPC at international events.
  4. Drive a programme of continuous improvement (processes and the information provided) in the management of the outsourced consumer helpline and of direct contacts to the CCPC.
  5. Increase awareness of the CCPC and its role in relation to consumer rights, competition and personal finance by leading on the development of public information campaigns and activities.
  6. Lead on the development of financial education programmes and initiatives.
  7. Develop and deliver on a diverse annual work programme covering the span of the division’s functions, reviewing regularly and reprioritising where necessary.
  8. Deliver results through delegation, staff empowerment and coaching, clearly defining and assessing team roles and performance requirements creating a culture of innovation.
  9. Plan and manage the divisional budget, ensuring that procurement has a value for money focus with robust forecasting and management of expenditure.
  10. To provide effective leadership and positively contribute to the corporate agenda, working collaboratively with and influencing senior management colleagues to drive the agenda forward.
  11. Such other functions as may be required from time to time both nationally and internationally to fulfil the business objectives of the CCPC.

Technical and Professional Requirements

It is required at a minimum that candidates demonstrate the following:


  1. Minimum of five years senior management experience to include successfully leading a business Unit or Division in a regulatory, compliance, investigative, public sector or comparable private sector organisation.
  2. Excellent communication, networking and influencing skills, as required to deliver at a senior level.
  3. Relevant experience of working with the media.
  4. The ability to develop, mentor and support staff and the ability to generate strong team morale and participation including coaching managers to optimise team effectiveness and enhance team interactions.
  5.  The capacity to quickly master wide-ranging briefs, propose, and oversee robust effective communications strategies.
  6. Proven ability to think and act strategically with experience of translating strategies into prioritised business work plans and delivering projects.
  7. Demonstrated ability to identify and implement changes to teams and processes, ensuring the most efficient use of organisational resources to deliver improvements in strategic outcomes.
  8. Proven expertise in sourcing and managing external suppliers to deliver large-scale programmes and/ or contracts.
  9. Risk and budget management expertise.


  1. Third level qualification in communications, business, leadership, strategy or other relevant discipline.
  2. In-depth knowledge of consumer rights, competition law or retail financial services.
  3. Experience working in a fast-paced environment and leading continuous programme improvement.
  4. Project management experience.
  5. Change management experience.
  6. Experience of designing public information campaigns, including those informing consumers or businesses of the protections/requirements of new legislation.
  7. Experience of being a senior public spokesperson.

 How to apply:

The deadline for applications is Thursday, 06 February 2019 12:00. You can apply through our recruitment portal @

Additional information can be requested from

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