Caucasus-Asia Fellowship– 2020 (Non-resident)

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28 Feb 2020

“Caucasus-Asia Fellowship– 2020”

You connect Caucasus with Asia, and Asia with Caucasus!

The Center for South Caucasus-South Asia Business Development (aka Caucasus-Asia Center) is happy to make this public announcement for our first cohort of fellows, starting this 1st March, 2020. If you are a mid-career working professional or an entrepreneur, whether established or in early stage of business expansion, eager to tap into the potential of the Caucasus region, then this fellowship is perfect for you!  Your activities during the fellowship and professional development will profoundly contribute towards connecting people and businesses between Asia and Europe, using the Caucasus as the cornerstone.

This non-residential fellowship is for a duration of one year (10 months). The objective of the fellowship is to equip selected fellows with necessary skills and knowledge to do business in Eurasian countries, and with focus in Caucasian countries. The fellowship will be remotely conducted; however, fellows will be closely working with assigned coordinators/ experts in our team.  Further, they will get advisory support, including in person sessions, from industry experts, senior academics and government officials to get acquainted with the prevailing ‘business-ecosystem’ at the locale, national and regional levels in this broad region.

Our center is a non-partisan organization working in the direction of building ties between countries in Caucasus and from across Asia, with particular focus in South Asia. We bring in a fresh Asian perspective of looking at the market related developments and opportunities in broad Caucasus region, whilst considering the 21st century as the ‘Asian Century’. We uphold and promote the geo-strategic importance of the Caucasus region, falling at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, on all international forums/ conferences where we participate. We are registered as a non-profit body in New Delhi, India, and have team members and supporters in different countries worldwide, such as the US, U.K., Russia, Japan, Malaysia and so on.

  • Duration: Ten months commencing on the 1st March 2020 the 30th December 2020.  
  • Number of Interns Intake : : Five position available to be selected
  • Requirements:
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in management studies/ international relation or any associated discipline
    • Any extra-curricular achievement, and especially in the business or cultural sector, that puts applicant in the distinguished class of achievers  
    • Willingness to learn new methods and skills helpful in achieving center goals and one’s own objectives.  
    • Have a good command of the English language, and basic/ fluent command of Russian language preferred. 

Terms & Conditions:

1/ The fellowship will be unpaid, and fellows would be responsible for covering basic expenses related to performing their tasks being assigned, such as internet, local phone call and other basic expenses. However, we will remunerate travel related expenses, if being assigned as part of any fellowship project.

2/ Unsatisfactory performance may lead to the termination of the fellowship at the initiative of team Coordinators, subject to an appropriate notice period of at least one week.

3/ There is no expectancy of employment at the end of the fellowship. However, we would be happy to continue our association and working relationship with the fellows, even to the extent of providing a monthly stipend, if their fellowship performance is exemplary.

How to apply? 

  • Apply today by sending your Resume, a brief description about yourself (your educational qualification, your achievements and any work experience, etc.) and why you think you should come in as an fellow with us?

Write to us at our email id:  

Deadline to apply is Saturday the 29 February 2020, 23.59 CET. 

Contact Hriday Sarma: for any pertinent question or inquiry.

Our website: ;

FB: ;



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