CALL FOR CONSULTANT(S) - Development of New Methodology for SOLIDAR's Social Rights Monitor

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01 Jul 2022

SOLIDAR is a European network of Civil Society Organisations, trade unions and social movements brought together by the common objective of advancing social justice in Europe and worldwide. In the domain of social affairs, SOLIDAR monitors and advocates for the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) at national level. To this end, it has published three editions of the Social Rights Monitor (SRM), SOLIDAR's flagship publication that assesses the state of social rights and civic space in several European countries, elaborating on the input given by its members and partners active in the analysed countries (the so-called National Strategy Groups, NSGs). The Social Rights Monitor has also always been linked with the European Semester, aiming to stress the need for a more meaningful social policy coordination among EU countries. Therefore, the SRM has been a monitoring and advocacy tool at both national and EU-level for the creation of a more social Europe.


The Social Rights Monitor changed its features over time, moving from having one section dedicated to the assessment of the Country Specific Recommendations for each analysed country to having one section aimed at evaluating the involvement of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the drafting of the National recovery and resilience plans (NRRPs), for instance. After three editions of the SRM, SOLIDAR would like to refine this key tool by making it easier to use and visualise. More specifically, in terms of structure and visualisation, the Monitor should present the main developments for each of the relevant Principles of the EPSR in each of the countries.

The new Social Rights Monitor will be realised in the framework of the programme “Realising a Social Europe for All and with All” co-financed by the European Commission through the EaSI strand of the ESF+ programme. After the elaboration of the new methodology, the SRM will be published yearly until 2025. Differently from previous editions, the new Social Rights Monitor will be presented also through an interactive web map that will allow to identify key information concerning the state of social rights in each of the countries considered.

SOLIDAR is looking for a consultant who will be in charge of revising the methodology of the SRM according to the following objectives:

  • Re-defining the guiding questions based on which the National Strategic Groups (NSGs) provide input on the state of social rights at national level, making sure that it is useful to capture the situation without being overburdening for the NSGs.
  • Ensuring that the SRM effectively monitors the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights at national level and that it feeds into the advocacy for a more social European Semester.
  • Rendering the Monitor an easy-to-use advocacy tool, containing clear messages and policy recommendations for both national and EU policymakers, elaborated   based on the monitoring phase.
  • Re-thinking the way in which the Monitor is presented also in light of the fact that it will be embedded in an interactive web map, and how it can visualise information in a meaningful, clear and impactful way.

The contracted consultant(s) will be able to rely on a previous evaluation of the SRM, conducted at the end of 2021, to formulate the new methodology.

    1. Description of the output:

The selected consultant(s) will be responsible for producing a concept note of the new methodology of the Social Rights Monitor that will include:

  • A methodology document to guide SOLIDAR Team and the NSGs in delivering the SRM. This document should provide direction and guidance to enable the realisation of the Monitor;
  • An updated list of guiding questions to be used to collect input from the NSGs;
  • Instructions on how the SRM can be presented (Part of the content to be printed? How it willbe translated into the interactive web map? Etc.) in order to ensure a meaningful impact. The consultant should make sure that for each country on the interactivemap the assessment of the relevant Principles is reflected, also visually.
  1. Application Process:

Applications need to be submitted electronically to Carlos ROLDAN ( and Martina CORTI ( no later than July 1st 23:59 Brussels time.

The proposal should include 2 sections:

  1. The technical proposal:
    1. 1 A document that contains the following information:
      • A description of the proposed approach in delivering this consultancy, which will include:
        • Methodological approach.
        • Proposal on how to guarantee the involvement of key stakeholders (notably SOLIDAR's members) in part of the process.
        • A small paragraph on the dissemination of the Monitor.
        • A proposed timeline.
  1. 2 A copy of (each)consultant’s resume.
  2. 3 Proof of at least 1 similar assignment(s) handled in the past.
  1. The financial proposal, including the breakdown of costs (e.g. personnel, travel, equipment, maintenance, other).

SOLIDAR will provide financial support of a maximum amount of EUR 5000 (VAT included).


The payment shall be made with the following instalments:

  1. 30% of the total financial support paid after the cooperation agreement between the consultant(s) and SOLIDAR is signed.
  2. 70% of the total financial support paid after the submission of the final output approved by SOLIDAR team.


1st July: Deadline for presenting the proposal.

12th July: Communication of the selection decision by SOLIDAR. 15th July: Start of the collaboration.

16th September: First draft submitted.

19th September- 23rd September: Feedback from SOLIDAR. 30th September: second draft submitted.

  1. Consultant(s)
  • Experience in elaborating a methodology for monitoring & advocacy tools.
  • Sound knowledge of EU social policy and related instruments and processes like the EPSR and the European Semester. Familiarity with the concept of a Just Transition, as meant by SOLIDAR.
  • Good understanding of the role of a membership-based organisation.
  • Previous collaborations with (progressive) CSOs will be an asset.
  • Professional knowledge of English.
  1. Proposals
  1. Overview
    • The proposal is adequate and clearly articulated.
    • The objectives of the call are clearly addressed by the proposal.
    • The theoretical base is adequate.
    • The consultant proposes actions to ensure that the policy recommendations reach the target groups.
    • Clear link with the 20 Principles of the EPSR.
  • Originality and innovativeness of the proposal.
  • The data collection tools/procedures (guiding questions, involvement of the stakeholders etc.) is appropriate.
  1. Value for money

For further information and informal queries, you may contact us at the earlier mentioned email addresses.

For reference:

Social Rights Monitor 2019

Social Rights Monitor 2020

Social Rights Monitor 2021

NEW JOB OPPORTUNITY: SOLIDAR is looking for a Consultant to develop a New Methodology for SOLIDAR's Social Rights Monitor. Apply before July 1st!

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