Business Sales Analyst Intern

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Expiration Date

20 Jul 2019

Duration: 3/6 months

3 Months summer Internship

  • 6 Months - 3 months based remotely (home country possible)
  • 3 months in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Start date ASAP

What needs to be done?

  • Market research in your native country
  • Find contacts in companies
  • Approach companies
  • Participate in meeting
  • Key Market trends + Impact on company
  • External market analysis in-line with research guidelines to create overview and the basis for go to market strategy for the territory
  • Preparation of a shortlist of potential leads and a roadshow with demo days at the various leads contacted.
  • Prepare a local marketing communication strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Customer relationship management across company hierarchies

What has been accomplished 3 & 6 months from now?

In 3 months from now you would have completed thorough research in your target market, establishing target companies and contacts within. You would have developed a plan for a “go to market strategy" for music, video and sports with marketing objectives included.

The next 3 months would involve implementing the go to market strategy using the contacts found during the research to build professional relationships and support sales operations within the country.

What is in it for you?

  • Chance to complete thesis
  • Casual & friendly work environment
  • Gain working experience and develop skills
  • Gain in-depth industry knowledge in sports, music & Telecommunications markets
  • Learning curve with active support
  • Develop professional network
  • Chance of future employment
  • Internship Fee and other benefits

Work from various locations across Europe

What we are looking for?

  • Native speaker of at least one target country* (see list) + fluent in English
  • Experience in Market research
  • Confident (able to approach and speak to people)
  • Analytics-driven
  • Ability to call clients and leads confidently (experience preferable)
  • *Native Languages: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Croatian, Danish, Ukrainian

Job Type: Internship

To Apply 

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