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19 Jul 2019

UITP (International Association of Public Transport) is a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility and is the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes. We have 1,400 member companies giving access to over 18,000 contacts from 96 countries. Our members are public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, research institutes and the public transport supply and service industry.

We are currently looking for a:

Business, Human Resources & International Social affairs Manager


The Manager will be responsible for leading and coordinating all the activities linked to his/her thematic scope and field of expertise, in particular those led by the Committee “Business & Human Resources”.

He/she is responsible for the knowledge production related to business, human resources and international social affairs taking into account the needs of the members and the interests of the association and the sector.

The mission consists in supporting UITP members to adopt a modern and innovative corporate and Human Resources management that competes with the management of other service industries, according to their own context and needs. This includes advocating corporate and human resources management as an overall business performance lever, to help companies become leader of excellent customer service’s providers.

This position implies leadership, consensus-building and diplomatic skills in a sensitive environment to conciliate the different interests of the actors to move positions forward in line with the association’s and sector’s strategies.


  1. Leads knowledge and research in business, human resources and international social affairs that conciliate the needs of the sector and the association and the expectations of the members; supervises issues related to excellence in customer service and advises the association on these issues;
  2. Ensures that knowledge elaboration and research output in business, human resources and social affairs contribute to added value services to the direct benefits of the members and answers the priorities of the Integrated Global Work Programme;
  3. Coordinates the work of the dedicated Committee and its working groups (studies, reports, position papers, articles) and manage members and chair expectations and involvement;
  4. Contributes to the writing of papers and articles related to the topic.
  5. Provides scientific input and support to events (summit, conferences, workshops, seminars, trainings…);
  6. Participates in events external to UITP including the presentation of results;
  7. Is key account and manages the relations with several premium members;
  8. Manages projects including budget forecast and execution;
  9. Supports the director, deputy directors in the management of the department;
  10. Fulfils his/her mission according to the internal culture based on RISE values (Respect, Innovation, Sharing, Expertise), the code of conduct, and on the principles of caring management.  In team or project management, this implies providing the colleagues employees with guidance, leadership and support, ensuring their development and well-being, while being responsible for enforcing corporate policies and procedures standards;


  • University degree (preferably in law or political sciences)
  • Expertise or at least real interest for Corporate Affairs,  Business and Human Resources topics
  • Interest for Public Transport
  • Strong communication skills with capacity to produce and write reports but also to animate a group of experts and synthetize the knowledge
  • Excellent written and spoken English, other languages are an asset
  • Oral communication skills and ability to communicate clearly and effectively to an audience
  • Capability to work both in team but also autonomously with limited set of inputs
  • IT literate
  • Good relational competences (sense of listening, empathy, ability to lead group discussion, team work)
  • Service oriented
  • Sense of initiative, problems solving
  • Ability to travel and to work under pressure (mainly for on-site events)
  • Integrity and professionalism

UITP offers an opportunity to work in a dynamic and international environment and contacts with its members worldwide.

Deadline for application: 20/07/2019

Starting date: Autumn 2019

We look forward to hearing from you.

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