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18 Sep 2019


Under the supervision of the European Biodiversity Conservation Coordinator, the Biodiversity Conservation Officer will support the work and project portfolio of the IUCN Global Species Programme in Europe. Specifically the successful candidate for this position will:

  • Coordinate delivery of tasks and provide appropriate technical support to the current project portfolio, including projects on European Red Lists and other IUCN knowledge products, pollinator conservation and invasive alien species management, liaising with project partners and drawing on IUCNs knowledge network to provide inputs for deliverables as required;
  • Lead the implementation of the European Red Lists of Hoverflies, including: liaising with experts and monitoring their progress in delivering high quality assessments, coordinating the organization of assessment workshops with support from the Biodiversity Conservation Assistant, reviewing species assessments, drafting project reports and support project progress meetings. Some training in Red List assessments will be required that will be provided by the team if necessary;
  • Develop new ideas and support fundraising efforts to help the development of new projects and strengthen IUCN’s involvement in species conservation and protected areas initiatives and networks in Europe;
  • Act as project manager for new projects, as appropriate and feasible, and as agreed with his/her Line Manager;
  • Lead the development of promotional and communication materials, such as webstories, presentations, project brochures and webinars, that help raise awareness of the work of the Species team, for specialist and non-specialist audiences;
  • Support and guide the work of more junior team members as required, including Interns and the Biodiversity Conservation Assistant;
  • Will be required to provide support on a range of tasks as delegated by his/her Line Manager.

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