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28 Mar 2019

The voice of European vehicle dealers and repairers

CECRA ( is the European umbrella organisation regrouping national automotive trade associations and European brand dealer councils.

In Europe, there is a total of 46,720 car and truck dealers and 290,000 repairers. Those – predominantly small and medium-sized – companies employ approximately 2,9 million people being responsible for the sale, repair and maintenance of cars and commercial vehicles.

CECRA's role is to monitor and accompany the development of European legislation affecting the automotive distribution and repair sector.

Acting as a watchdog, ensuring the interests of authorized dealers and repairers are taken into due account by European regulatory bodies, is one aspect of CECRA’s core business. Digitization, increasing automation and new business models have revolutionized the automotive industry. In a rapidly changing world, the European legislative framework needs to shift into a higher gear and should above all ensure an open playing field to maintain competition.

CECRA is looking for an (m/f)

Advisor (part time, ‘contrat d’immersion professionnelle’)


  • Identifies, monitors, analyses and assists the Director General on EU initiatives relevant for the European automotive distribution and repair on a wide range of legal and consumer-related issues by preparing dossiers, researching information, contacting various stakeholders, drafting position papers, presentations, reports, press releases, etc
  • Drafting CECRA’s Newsletters
  • Updating CECRA’s website (with the Operations Manager)
  • Assistance and participation to CECRA’s meetings and events
  • Draws minutes reports (with the Operations Manager)


  • Education in European law and a good knowledge of the European decision-making process.
  • Very good analytical skills and proven ability to synthesise feedback.
  • Highly developed team spirit, sense of responsibility, ability to take initiatives and be proactive.
  • Excellent organisation skills, ability to plan and meet deadlines, capacity to identify key issues and prioritise.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, with ability to tailor messages to different audiences.
  • Experience within an international and multi-cultural environment is advantageous.


We offer you a challenging position (‘contrat d’immersion professionnelle’, which can be followed by a permanent part time contract). You will have the possibility to participate in projects that will influence the automotive European distribution and repair in the coming years.


Please address application letters and curriculum vitae to CECRA, Boulevard de la Woluwe 46/9, 1200 Brussels, to the attention of Bernard Lycke (

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