Administrative Officer (Documentation) B5 (Co-ordinated Organization’s scale)

Job Experience

Job Location

Expiration Date

07 Apr 2017

Assignment and objectives of the post

The post is administratively attached to the Tariff and Trade Affairs (TTA) Directorate; 80-85 % of the working time is related to that Directorate, and in particular to work concerning the Harmonized System (HS). However, the Officer also provides service to the entire WCO Secretariat as part of his/her tasks related to the maintenance of the general WCO archives and the central library, accounting for an estimated 15-20 % of the working time on a yearly basis. In this capacity the Officer may be required to perform historical searches for the benefit of the Secretariat as a whole and WCO Members.

Job control

The Officer works independently with reference to well-established rules and practices, under the general supervision of the TTA Director and, as far as the daily work is concerned, under the supervision of the TTA Deputy Director.

Personal initiative and responsibility are required due to the diverse nature of the duties involved.

Main functions

Due to the diverse and horizontal nature of the tasks performed, the main functions can be grouped into five specific categories :

1. Core HS-based tasks

  • Several times a year, preparation of files and samples for Committee and Sub-Committee sessions (HS Committee (HSC) : two sessions per year/Review Sub-Committee (RSC) : two sessions per year/Scientific Sub-Committee (SSC) : one session per year), and subsequent updating of files after the relevant reports have been issued.
  • Twice a year, updating the loose-leaf version of the HS Explanatory Notes and the HS Compendium of Classification Opinions.
  • Preparation of statistical reports for the Director regarding classification questions dealt with by correspondence and assistance provided for the benefit of persons external to the WCO.
  • Preparation of specific records regarding classification questions dealt with by correspondence, to be posted on the Members’ area of the WCO website.
  • Historical background searches in the relevant archival documents, for the benefit of TTA Directorate Officers and WCO Member administrations.
  • Maintenance of the collection of classification files (questions dealt with by correspondence and submitted to the Committee/Sub-Committees), and of the related ACCESS database.
  • Registration of correspondence (ingoing/outgoing) in specific EXCEL files.

2. Overall WCO archive maintenance tasks

  • Maintaining an updated version of the inventory of the archival material kept in the central library.
  • Maintaining a complete collection of the WCO magazine (English and French).
  • Maintaining a complete collection of publications that could be regarded as a series (e.g. “Customs Compendium” or “WCO Annual Reports”).
  • Maintaining a complete collection (as far as possible) of all historical material (brochures issued on the occasion of WCO anniversaries, brochures presenting the WCO, WCO diaries, brochures issued by all WCO departments, etc.).
  • Maintaining the collection of “Memoranda of Understanding” (MOUs) and, as appropriate, preparation of electronic PDF copies to be posted on the WCO website.

3. Overall WCO servicing tasks

  • Once a year, updating of a table concerning the WCO Members’ website/web pages (with URL and information regarding availability of a Customs laboratory, Customs tariff and Customs code).
  • Upon request, conversion of PDF documents into WORD format through the OCR process, using the “ADOBE ACROBAT Pro 9” software installed in the library.
  • Upon request, performing searches in the digitized collection of microfiches where WCO documents (1953-1990) are stored.

4. Central library-related tasks

  • Upon request, on an ad hoc basis, preparation of order forms for new books to be purchased.
  • Maintenance of the library catalogue (hard copies).
  • Maintenance of the “electronic library” (downloading of PDF documents from the Internet and preparation of related detailed descriptive records, including in particular URL and table of contents).

5. Other

  • Any other tasks that might be assigned by the TTA Director.

Minimum qualifications

  • Complete secondary school education, a qualification such as a librarian/documentalist degree would be an advantage.
  • Relevant professional experience in all or some of the tasks outlined above is an advantage.
  • Extremely good knowledge (oral and written) of either French or English and good working knowledge of the other language.
  • Must be able to work in an international environment.
  • Knowledge of MS Office suite is essential.

All applications should be sent to the email address by the 7 April at the latest (deadline date). Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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